Solar PV test equipment

Solar PV test equipment dedicated to O&M

solar PV installation testingThe Z100 PV analyzer comes as a testing kit and it is delivered with a range of accessories.

The kit makes electrical testing of solar installations faster and more cost-effective, especially when you need to identify electrical faults. The Z100 has a high degree of digital integration and weighs only 4.5 kg. The analyzer is the only Solar PV test equipment on the market, that can position a range of critical faults directly through the use of impedance analysis.

  • Why choose the Z100 Analyzer?

    • Measure the position of PV system faults usually within 5 minutes
    • Works in cloudy weather
    • Reduce man-hour consumption by 40 %
    • Reduce solar energy loss and downtime
    • Reduce transport costs
    • Reduce expenses for scaffolds

Conergy solar pv tester

Our technicians have easily implemented the Z100 in their daily workflow.

Danish Technological Institute
Astersico Energia

Using the Z100, we could reduce the cost for the repair.”


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solar PV testing and fault finding