Solar PV test equipment

Solar PV test equipment dedicated to O&M


The Z100 PV analyzer comes as a testing kit and it is delivered with a range of accessories.

The kit makes electrical testing of solar installations faster and more cost-effective, especially when you need to identify electrical faults. The Z100 has a high degree of digital integration and weighs only 4.5 kg. The analyzer is the only Solar PV test equipment on the market, that can position a range of critical faults directly through the use of impedance analysis.

  • Why choose the Z100 Analyzer?

    • Measure the position of PV system faults usually within 5 minutes
    • Works in cloudy weather
    • Reduce man-hour consumption by 40 %
    • Reduce solar energy loss and downtime
    • Reduce transport costs
    • Reduce expenses for scaffolds

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The EmaZys Technology


A new approach to solar system testing

solar system testing
The Z100 PV Analyzer graphical user interface. The instrument is operated from a smart device via WiFi. The menu contains 8 applications designed for different testing scenarios.


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