Solar PV test instrument from EmaZys Technologies

Unique solar photovoltaic fault finding technology

Designed and made in Denmark


A new instrument for solar PV system troubleshooting
The Z100 PV Analyzer measures the position of a range solar PV system faults and the solar photovoltaic test equipment is suitable for working faster during solar PV operations and maintenance.

The Z100 PV Analyzer works well under low light conditions and it is therefore possible to perform O&M and service tasks in almost any weather. The Z100 PV Analyzer records useful information in the field and typical faults are found within 3 minutes after arriving at the PV system terminals. This increases productivity of the PV service team and leads to work time reductions of up to 40%.

The Z100 PV Analyzer focuses on measuring the position of PV system faults causing energy losses. Finding a PV fault, eg ground faults, disconnections and degraded modules, is normally tricky and time-consuming. The Z100 PV Analyzer offers a fast and convenient way to systematically detecting and locating problems.



  • Z100 PV Analyzer - customer benefits

    • Measure the position of PV system faults in “one click”
    • Reduce man-hour consumption during testing and troubleshooting
    • Reduce solar energy loss caused by PV system downtime and faults
    • Reduce service team transport costs
    • Reduce expenses for scaffolds and lifts when testing BIPV
    • Share test results directly from instrument to cloud
    • Perform service and test PV systems even in cloudy weather

solar photovoltaic test equipment
Z100 solar energy photovoltaic analyzer instrumentfor service, fault finding, operations and maintenance
The Z100 PV Analyzer will set up a WiFi hot spot and the instrument can be controlled using a web browser from e.g. smart phone or tablet computer.

Z100 PV Analyzer testing modes

The Z100 PV Analyzer has a range of unique and time-saving testing modes. Below you may study the different features.

Automatic test of solar PV strings, fault finding, isolation resistance


– a measurement sequence to determine the overall PV string health condition


solar photovoltaic module testing and string testing


– a test sequence to determine individual module and bypass diode functionality


solar PV ground fault finding and PV installation test


Fast and easy positioning of PV system ground faults



solar module string and panel string disconnections testing and localization


Fast and easy positioning of PV system disconnects



solar photovoltaic cable tester with generator and pickup


– an “easy-to-use” pickup and tone generator suitable for 1000V power lines


Solar PV system open circuit voltage test with the Z100 PV Analyzer


– a precise voltmeter for fast testing of open circuit voltage and terminal polarity
Solar PV system monitoring with the Z100 PV analyzer


– timer for monitoring periodic ground faults, when they occur
solar PV test instrument settings


Settings and user input for PDF report generation


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