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solar PV installation testing

Z100 PV Analyzer


Solar PV tester kit
"Our technicians have easily implemented the Z100 in their daily workflow."
solar IV curve tracer instrument
" The Z100 saved us 8-10 hours of fieldwork."
Astersico Energia
" Using the Z100, we were able to detect and locate solar PV modules with defective bypass diodes faster than using an I-V tracer."

Z100 PV Analyzer

solar system tester for IV curves and efficiency
The Z100 PV Analyzer can measure the position of system faults and check various electrical parameters. It is the ideal companion for solar PV technicians.

Solar PV Test Equipment designed for easy troubleshooting

The Z100 comes as a solar PV testing kit, and it makes electrical testing of solar installations faster and more cost-effective. Especially when you need to identify electrical faults. The analyzer is the only Solar PV test equipment on the market, that will position critical faults using impedance analysis.

  • Unique advantages

    • Reduce man-hour and transport costs
    • Test solar panels in cloudy weather
    • Reduce the need for roof access during testing
    • Position e.g. ground faults in a matter of minutes


A Solar PV Tester designed for fast service


In general solar PV test equipment is used for efficiency testing and analysis. This is relevant for researching e.g. high performance solar PV cell technologies. Other types of solar test equipment is used in the field, for safety commissioning and testing according to relevant standards such as IEC 62446.

At EmaZys Technologies our expertise is integration of digital technologies and power electronics. We work to create an innovative solution for troubleshooting of PV arrays, and our main product is the Z100 PV Analyzer.
In the instrumentation industry there are many products great designed for testing certification requirements, but the products from EmaZys Technologies are different. We design products to make life easier for electrical technicians, who must daily face difficult optimization situations, when PV systems are not performing to specifications. The task is to quickly identify faults and secure maximum energy output. The Z100 PV Analyzer can help your business to achieve high cost efficiency when offering solar system services. As a PV system owner or investor, the Z100 PV Analyzer may help achieve better return on investment.