Solar PV Test Equipment from EmaZys

Solar PV testers that can help YOU detect and locate solar PV array faults in one measurement

New Solar PV Test Instrument from EmaZys

PV tester Z200

EmaZys Technologies has recently launched the successor for the Z100: The Z200 PV Analyzer.
This instrument comes packed with features to help solar PV technicians and O&M companies in reducing cost in the field of solar PV array troubleshooting.

Reduce solar PV troubleshooting times with EmaZys Technologies

The Z100 and Z200 PV analyzer comes a s rugged and field-ready solar PV testing kit. The unique impedance based measurement technology allows the user to not only detect faults, but also to measure the position of the faults. The technology build in to the Z100 and Z200 PV Analyzer is invented by EmaZys Technologies in Denmark.

The instrument is controlled from a smartphone or PC and the system is based on a browser software. The user of the instrument is therefore free to save and share data directly from the field, while using his preferred data storage solution e.g. cloud share, SMS, email etc.

Testing principle works well under low light conditions

The EmaZys PV tester is therefore possible to perform O&M and service tasks in almost any weather. The EmaZys PV Analyzer records useful information in the field and typical faults are found within a few minutes after arriving at the PV system terminals. This increases productivity of the PV service team and leads to substantial intervention time reductions and savings.

Solar PV Test Equipment

Solar PV Test Equipment from EmaZys Technologies is designed with troubleshooting and fault detection in mind. Often Solar PV technicians most spend hours in the field looking for tiny and almost invisible faults in solar PV installations.
Using the EmaZys PV Analyzer from EmaZys Technologies can greatly reduce the time consumption associated with solar installation service and maintenance.
The EmaZys PV Analyzer measures the position of a range of critical and frequently observed PV system faults as well as a range of photovoltaic system health state parameters and energy loss risk factors.

EmaZys provides FREE online instrument training seminars

EmaZys PV Analyzers focus on measuring the position of photovoltaic system faults causing energy losses. Finding a solar photovoltaic fault, e.g. ground faults, disconnections and degraded modules, is normally tricky and time-consuming. The EmaZys PV Analyzer offers a fast and convenient way to systematically detecting and locating problems. For more information about products and FREE online training seminars, please get in contact for more information.